Internship in Brisbane, Australia 16.1.-

At the moment I’m doing my internship in Brisbane, Australia. I’m teaching dance in a private dance school, Dance Pointe. My job includes planning the dance classes, teaching the classes, office job and cleaning. I’m teaching the boys’ class, dance fitness and jazz, ballet, tap and hip hop for different ages. With the head master of Dance Pointe we also visit kindergartens.

I have only been teaching for two weeks now but I have still learned a lot; teaching in English, teaching Australian Dance Syllabus and working with different cultures. I hope that this experience will give me some useful tools for dance teaching and make my transition to the real work life easy.

Group choreographies, spring 2016

One part of my education in Turku University of Applied Sciences is to make a group choreography. It has to be 5-10 minutes long and you have to make a dance, rehearse it and plan the light and music.

My piece is called Boomerang Effect. There are 7 dancers in it and it is a jazz choreography. The music is ArtOfficial-Ao Cadence. I made the costumes (pants) for every of my dancers.

During this project I learned that it needs a lot of time to rehearse a piece and make it just as good as you want. I was surprised how many things you have to plan and how organized you have to be all the time. This project gave me more confidence to try new things and passion to make a new group choreography.

You can see the choreography, Boomerang Effect, here:

Jazz Dance Teachers’ course, summer 2014

In summer 2014 I participated to jazz dance teachers’ course in Espoo. It was a one week course for jazz dance teachers and it gave me some tools for jazz dance teaching, music suggestions and technique vocabulary. The teachers were Liisa Nojonen with her assistants Meri and Riikka Tankka and Pattie Obey.

The course taught me different ways of teaching jazz dance. It taught me also a lot from jazz dance history, technique and music choices. Also the course was a huge help for me to my thesis because I’m writing about Gus Giordano, one of the jazz dance pioneers. Pattie Obey was Giordano’s student and she gave me some useful answers to my thesis.


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